Monday, March 29, 2010

Watch the Large Hadron Collider Experiments Live Tomorrow

The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, will perform the first-ever proton collision tomorrow morning — via live stream.

It’s a big day for science, and you don’t have to miss any of it if you have a laptop with Wi-Fi nearby, because most of the event will be live streamed on the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) website.

The webcast begins at 2:00 a.m. ET tomorrow morning and will continue through 12:15 p.m. ET. CERN has published a minute-by-minute schedule of what you’ll see; the main event is the first attempt to collide protons at seven trillion electric volts. That will go down one hour into the webcast.

Folks are joking that this massive scientific experiment will destroy the world. That’s nonsense, of course. But the experiments that will be conducted there will be groundbreaking in figurative ways. No embed has been provided, so you’ll have to jump over to the site at the designated hour to watch.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Want a good look at Mars? Time’s running out

Optimal viewing won’t last much longer; next opportunity comes in 2012


Image: Sky chart

On Thursday night, many people may look up at the sky and ask, "What's that bright star next to the moon?"

The answer for Thursday night is Mars, but that answer changes night by night as the moon travels along the ecliptic, the path that the sun, moon and planets follow across the sky. If you ask the question again on March 29, the answer will be the ringed planet Saturn.

Such conjunctions of the moon and planets are regular reminders of how rapidly the moon moves across the sky.

Mars was in opposition to the sun on Jan. 29, when it appeared 14 arcseconds in diameter, one-120th of the diameter of the moon. Two months later, it is much farther away, and has shrunk to only 10 arcseconds in diameter.

This will be your last chance to get a good look at Mars until it approaches the Earth again in 2012.

The sky on these spring evenings presents a striking contrast between its western half, filled with the bright stars and constellations of winter, and its eastern half, with Regulus the only bright star. Mars sits in solitary splendor in Cancer, one of the most insignificant zodiac constellations, just above the plane of the Milky Way.

But there is much lurking beyond the dim stars of spring, for we are entering the realm of the galaxies. The constellation Leo alone contains five of the brightest galaxies in Charles Messier's famous 18th-century catalog of deep sky objects.

When we look toward Leo, we are looking above the plane of our Milky Way galaxy at the depths of intergalactic space, unhindered by the clouds of dust and gas which fill our galaxy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mysterious UFO-Like Objects Pictured Above Sydney Street

A Sydney woman is claiming to have photographed UFOs which appeared above a busy street in Australia's largest city, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Mother-of-two Fiona Hartigan said the strange flying discs were gone in a few seconds, but she managed to capture a few images on her iPhone.

They emerged from a blazing light in the clouds, descending on a busy Sydney street before zipping off silently into the sunset.

Hartigan said she had just got out of her car on Sunday evening to snap a few sunset photos on her iPhone when the amazing events began.

"As I was about to take the picture this black object appeared and then it started to move," she said.

"It started off about 800m away but it came closer - to about 400m - and then two other little round things appeared from this bright orange light above.

"There was no noise. It was calm and peaceful but it was very weird."

Hartigan said the main UFO then "shot off" above Governor Macquarie Drive at Chipping Norton, in Sydney's south-west, with the smaller UFOs zipping away in the opposite direction.

"I don't know how to explain it - I'm still totally bewildered," she said.

To the sceptic, Hartigan's photo might show a speck of dust on the lens or something small floating in the air close to the camera.

But close encounters like Hartigan's came as no surprise to UFO Research NSW spokesman Doug Moffett: "It could be some electrical anomaly that no one has ever seen, it could be an extra-terrestrial craft, it could be something else.

"There does appear to be a blur around the image, which could just be the way it's shaped, or - and this is pure speculation - it could be due to its propulsion system.

"Whatever the case, it's an opportunity to learn something new."

Moffett said there were between 1000 and 1500 UFO sightings in Australia every year, "but that is just the tip of the iceberg".

"Why would anyone make these stories up? They are setting themselves up for ridicule," he said.

Hartigan told community newspaper The Liverpool Leader that the Bureau of Meteorology told her no weather balloons were present in the area on that day.

She said she believed the objects were life forms from another planet.

“I believe in other life forms, put it that way,” she said.

“God might have created everything around us and our planet, but we would never know if he created something else.”


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Monday, March 15, 2010

'X-Files' star Gish joins 'FlashForward'

'X-Files' star Gish joins 'FlashForward'

The X-Files star Annabeth Gish has been cast in FlashForward.

According to zap2it, the 38-year-old actress will make her first appearance in early May.

The show's executive producer Jessica Borsiczky confirmed at last week's Paley Fest: "Oh, you know who's coming up on the show. And... I'm giving you an exclusive thing - Annabeth Gish is going to guest star on the show."

FlashForward returns to US screens Thursday at 8pm on ABC. A special recap episode airs tomorrow night at 10pm.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Actor Corey Haim dies at age 38

I don’t care what people say about his past and his drug use, he will be missed and I will never forget him. It was so awesome to have grown up watching his movies in the 80’s and made us think, “hey I want to be like him” heck I wanted to be a vampire killer when I first saw the movie.

His role in the Lost Boys sure heck made an impact of future stars and future movies. Still today people are still talking about that movie or looking for ways to talk to anyone that does anything with vampires since we have the popular show True Blood and other vampire shows and movies.

I remember when I first saw Haim in the movie Lost Boys and how he was such a cool person in the movie, then I remember his second movie License to Drive which I thought another great movie especially being along side with Heather Graham. I do have to say that I never seen Lucas till later years in my life and when I first watched that movie, adversity was so much to overcome especially for a kid trying to become something he couldn’t be. I know that sometimes I felt like him in Lucas and it took so many things to come together and be the better person.

I just hope that Corey did not suffer in his final hours and I hope people remember him for the good stuff he did in his life, even though he was a rough person later in life we all need to remember where he came from and how made an impact in so many ways. I will always remember Corey for cool attitude in his younger years and that’s how I will always remember him.


Below is the story of his life done by msnbc…

LOS ANGELES - Corey Haim, a 1980s teen heartthrob for his roles in “Lucas” and “The Lost Boys” whose career was blighted by drug abuse, has died. He was 38.

Haim died at 2:15 a.m. Wednesday at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, Los Angeles County coroner’s Lt. Cheryl MacWillie said.

An autopsy will determine the cause of death and there were no other details, she said. Police Sgt. Michael Kammert said there’s no evidence of foul play.

Haim had flulike symptoms before he died and was getting over-the-counter and prescription medications, Police Sgt. William Mann said. The cause of death is unknown, Mann said.

“He could have succumbed to whatever (illness) he had or it could have been drugs. Who knows?” Mann said. “He has had a drug problem in the past.”

Child star Haim dies of reported overdose
NBC's Janet Shamlian reports on the death of actor Corey Haim. He died of an apparent overdose at age 38.

Today show

Haim was taken by ambulance to the hospital from an apartment in Los Angeles near Burbank. The enormous complex is known as Oakwood and is popular with young actors, Kammert said.

Haim acknowledged his struggle with drug abuse to The Sun in 2004.

“I was working on ‘Lost Boys’ when I smoked my first joint,” he told the British tabloid.

“I did cocaine for about a year and a half, then it led to crack,” he said.

Haim said he went into rehabilitation and was put on prescription drugs. He took both stimulants and sedatives such as Valium.

“I started on the downers which were a hell of a lot better than the uppers because I was a nervous wreck,” he said. “But one led to two, two led to four, four led to eight, until at the end it was about 85 a day.”

In 2007, he told ABC’s “Nightline” that drugs hurt his career.

“I feel like with myself I ruined myself to the point where I wasn’t functional enough to work for anybody, even myself. I wasn’t working,” he said.

The Toronto-born actor got his start in television commercials at 10 and earned a good reputation for his work in such films as 1985’s “Murphy’s Romance” and his portrayal of Liza Minelli’s dying son in the 1985 television film “A Time to Live.”

His career peaked and he became a teen heartthrob with his roles in the 1986 movie “Lucas,” and “The Lost Boys,” in which he battled vampires.

Where are they now? Here’s a look at child actors who tumbled from the top.

more photos

In later years, he made a few TV appearances and had several direct-to-video movies. He also had a handful of recent movies that have not yet been released.

But in 1997 he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, listing debts for medical expenses and more than $200,000 in state and federal taxes.

His assets included a few thousand dollars in cash, clothing and royalty rights.

In recent years, he appeared in the A&E reality TV show “The Two Coreys” with his friend Corey Feldman. It was canceled in 2008 after two seasons. Feldman later said Haim’s drug abuse strained their working and personal relationships.

In a 2007 interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Haim called himself “a chronic relapser for the rest of my life.”

Actor Corey Haim dies at age 38

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update on 'Paranormal Activity 2'

Paranormal Activity 2 is one of the most talked-about as well as wrote about project and we been to you some more updates on it. Paramount Pictures is searching for a director who cabn get into Oren Peli’s shoes and the hunt has taken the production house to consider names like Kevin Greutert and Brian De Palma. The hunt has not yet stopped and if we are to believe Micah Sloat then the sequel is going to be made on the footsteps of its predecessor. This is enough information for the time being, stay tuned for more!

Update on 'Paranormal Activity 2'

Who was the real Oscar winner?

Chillpak Hollywood Hour March 8 at 6:32pm Report

By now you know who took home the Academy Awards, but each year, Dean and Phil wager on the outcomes. Who will win this year's wager?
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Chillpak Hollywood Hour

It’s Oscar Week here in Hollywood and it’s here on the Chillpak Hollywood Hour Oscar post-game show where the games REALLY begin! Dean and Phil have, as always, ten dollars wagered on the outcome of their predicted winners in all twenty-four categories. ...


Monday, March 8, 2010

Ohio Man Claims to Have Captured Evidence of UFOs


It's a bird ... it's a plane ... it's a UFO?

That's what one Lake Erie, Ohio, resident is claiming.  Eugene Erlikh snapped a half a dozen photos of something unusual floating in the sky.   Erlikh believes the photos show a UFO, reports.

Erlikh told that the objects emitted "brilliant" colors and were flying solo, and occasionally in group formations.  The objects appeared to be "making line formations and triangles in the sky."

Erlikh, an EMT and paramedic student, also recorded video footage of what he says are "astonishing captures."

Click here for more on this story and additional photos from Fox8

Ohio Man Claims to Have Captured Evidence of UFOs