Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #166

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #166

from Chillpak Hollywood Hour by Phil Leirness

It’s the sequel of the summer! This week, Dean and Phil follow up on last week’s blockbuster by revisiting (and going deeper into) the legal fate of Roman Polanski, the furor over The Hulk re-casting, ageism in Hollywood, the “simulation argument” posed by listener Anthony Kilna, and the film school reference book recommended by listener Effie Dee. Of course, like any good sequel, new characters and topics are tackled. This week, your friends in podcasting offer rather staggering, surprising and insightful analysis into the troubles in which former A-Listers Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes find themselves. All that, plus they weigh in on Despicable Me,Winter’s Bone and Departures.


Friday, July 16, 2010

A New "Haven" for Philes?

A New "Haven" for Philes?

Like I have said in the past, you can’t really stack up to x files and if new shows that are coming out that want to mimick x files that’s all good and dandy but why can’t they find some original stuff or find some stuff to move on from the last season of x files, or hell bring back the lonegunmen heck langly always says they did not die… I think everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon of x files and it will not fly especially us philes that have followed with our blood, sweat and tears for the original x files. If someone was smart they would continue the x files from season 8 and move to more paranormal stuff…and have cameo roles of scully and mulder or bring back skinner or others that were famous like dogget man that would be cool… I myself hated fringe for copying x files eps and that is the reason why i will never watch that show again they were never original and never will be, if syfy can get their act together they would find original cases from the extensive library of the x files and go forward…


xfiles forever!!


from X-Files News by roileigh331@embarqmail.com (Roileigh Ollson - Staff Reporter)

As many of you may have heard, there's a new science fiction show hitting the SyFy network. The show is based off of the Stephen King novella The Colorado Kid, a murder mystery novel about reporters investigating a dead-end case in their small town. The show is called Haven and it centers on an open minded FBI agent and a police officer from the Maine town the show is named for. True to the sci-fi label, this pair runs into some very out there cases.

Now to make this article the best it can be, this XFNer got herself over to the SyFy network to watch the pilot. As Philes, we all want to see those creepy and paranormal shows do well, but Haven, at least at this point, seems a lot more like an average X-Files copy. The plot of the pilot has so many similarities to "The Rain King" that you might wonder if it's a conspiracy. If you want to make your own decision without spoilers, you should stop now. If not, go ahead and click read more.