Monday, October 25, 2010

X Files News

X Files News

John Shiban Joins "Torchwood"

24 Oct 2010 | 5:14 pm MDT

The fourth season of Torchwood, the BBC spin-off of Doctor Who, has got a new writer whose name you may recognize. John Shiban has signed onto the upcoming season due to premier on Starz and BBC next summer.

Subtitled The New World, Torchwood will move its characters to the United States, but still maintain an "international scope", with locations from around the world to be included. The series will feature 10 episodes produced by BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide, and Starz Entertainment.

To read more, check out this link.

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #180

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #180

from Chillpak Hollywood Hour by Phil Leirness

Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness talk movies on this week’s show. It’s a star-studded event, featuring forthcoming efforts by Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, and current releases like Red, The Social Network, Secretariat, Fair Game, Easy A, The Town, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Let Me In, and Hereafter. All that, plus your friends in podcasting discuss a very interesting stage show, “Mortified”, in which loyal listener Shaun Parker participated, they say goodbye to Barbara Billingsley and Tom Bosley, and they riff on the ever-more-curious adventures of Randy and Evi Quaid. And Phil signs off with a rock-solid DVD selection from Korea. Don’t miss a minute of YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour this week because you’ll be missing a lot!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Set Visit with Gillian!

Set Visit with Gillian!

from X-Files News by (Tiffany Devol)

If you thought IBG nailed it with David Duchovny, are you in for a treat now!

XFN has just learned that Gillian Anderson is also participating in the IBG auctions!

Gillian has generously donated two set visits, complete with Meet and Greets for her new film, Johnny English Reborn in the UK!

The set visit will last approximately 3 to 5 hours and will take place sometime between December 8th and 11th with the exact date to be worked out between IBG and the production as filming gets closer. The visits will be auctioned simultaneously and will be scheduled on the same day.

Also good news for those who have yet to register for the auctions, the date for submitting bids has been extended until October 28th with the live auction event to now be held onOctober 30th!

Starting Bids

Johnny English Reborn Set Visit and Meet and Greet with Gillian Anderson #1 $500.00

Johnny English Reborn Set Visit and Meet and Greet with Gillian Anderson #2 $500.00

2 Tickets to The Break of Noon and Meet and Greet with David Duchovny $250.00

Castle Set Visit #1: $400.00

Castle Set Visit #2: $400.00

4 VIP Tickets to The Soup and a Meet and Greet with Joel McHale: $200.00

2 VIP Tickets to a Taping of Two and a Half Men: $50.00

Outback Handbag: $20.00

Private Cooking Lesson for 2 with Chef Gavin Mills: $50.00

4 Los Angeles Dodgers Ticket Vouchers: $10.00

For more information on this event including a sideshow of the auction items, a preview of the silent auction catalog and more from all things IBG, head to their website!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #179

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #179

from Chillpak Hollywood Hour by Phil Leirness

Another day late and you can take your pick as to why … Dean Haglund flying back from Valley Con in Fargo, North Dakota, Phil in migraine hell, or an error in encoding this week’s show … Nevertheless, your friends in podcasting are back and better than ever, continuing their conversation about the importance, function and nature of criticism, paying particular attention this week to film criticism. A couple of the worst films of all time are compared and contrasted, great films that would never have had the chance to find an audience if it hadn’t been for BAD reviews (!) are discussed, and Dean turns the tables on Phil, quizzing him about what he’s learned from bad reviews his films have received. Informative, irreverent, irrepressible, it’s YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour!


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #178

Chillpak Hollywood Hour #178

from Chillpak Hollywood Hour by Phil Leirness

Forbes Magazine ranked its list of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in the World – Lady Gaga at #7?! In related news, Dean Haglund explains to Phil Leirness who Lady Gaga is! Meanwhile, John Lennon’s 70th Birthday is celebrated by having the cast of Glee take over the all-time Billboard Hot 100 Charts record from those flashes-in-the-pan The Beatles. Tony Curtis is still being remembered by Dean and Phil. One listener has a question about a new breed of film – The “docuthriller”, while another listener asks about the CGI wizardry that makes Jeff Bridges look exactly like he did when he was 35 in the new trailer for the forthcoming “Tron” sequel. All that, plus what makes us powerful, how best to embody the changes we wish to see in the world AND the latest on why Phil loves Tim Gunn. It’s YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour. So, “Make it work, people!”

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chillpak Hollywood Hour October 4 at 10:05pm

Episode #177 is everything you've come to expect from YOUR Chillpak Hollywood Hour #177, plus a little bit more!
Available now for listening pleasure at

Chillpak Hollywood Hour

It’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the U.S. and Phil takes a few minutes to discuss a cause that is very dear to him. Dean got back from the world premiere of his new film, Atlantis Down, in Virginia and he gives us the low-down. Dean and Phil remember the many…