Tuesday, September 27, 2011

David Duchovny Joins 'Phantom'

David Duchovny Joins 'Phantom'

from X-Files News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (Tiffany Devol - Content Director)

Variety is now reporting that David Duchovny has joined the indie thriller Phantom which stars Ed Harris, Natascha McElhone, and William Fichtner.

Replacing Andy Garcia, Duchovny will take on the role of Bruni, a Soviet special forces team leader aboard a submarine with a mysterious mission set during the Cold War.

Production is set to begin next month.

For more, head to Variety and check out the plot description:

The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. On a seemingly haunted vessel, with a rogue element on board, CAPTAIN DMITRI ZUBOV is forced to face his past in order to find redemption in the present. But, in the depths of the South Pacific, man and machine are not alone.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fox Agrees To Movie And TV Streaming Deal With Amazon Prime X-Files Included

The news comes from a posting on the Amazon Prime site by the online retail company’s CEO Jeff Bezos. Here’s what he says:

I have big news for Amazon Prime members – we’ve just signed a deal with FOX to add a broad selection of movies and TV shows to our unlimited instant streaming service later this fall. The new additions from the FOX library include 24, Arrested Development, The X-Files, Ally McBeal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and – available on digital video for the first time – The Wonder Years. We now have deals with CBS, NBCUniversal, Sony, and Warner Bros, and adding FOX will bring the total to more than 11,000 movies and TV shows available for unlimited instant streaming.

Since launching earlier this year, we have now doubled the number of titles available in Prime instant videos, and there’s still more to come. Prime membership remains $79 a year, and of course features our unlimited free two-day shipping on millions of products. Prime is one of the best values anywhere.

Prime instant videos can be played on more than 300 HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes.

Fox Agrees To Movie And TV Streaming Deal With Amazon Prime

This is awesome news, and I am happy that I have amazon prime, it couldn’t get any better than watching all the TV shows I love, especially X Files, it would be cool to watch them in HD….

Goodbye forever Netflix…you ruined yourself with your crap increases and separating your content…good luck…LOL

Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 50 Showrunners of 2010

Top 50 Showrunners of 2010

from X Files Latest News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (Tiffany Devol - Content Director)

Vince Gilligan has made the Hollywood Reporter's Top 50 Showrunners of 2010 for Breaking Bad on AMC.

Gilligan spent his summer hashing out stories for Season 4 of the acclaimed drama -- which doesn't start shooting until January. "My writers and I have this wonderful lead time," says the Virginia native and "X-Files" veteran. "We're hoping to break 10 out the 13 episodes before we even start shooting."

For more on Gilligan's favorite TV moment and his big break, head over to the Hollywood Reporter.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gillian FAULT Magazine Photo Shoot

Gillian FAULT Magazine Photo Shoot

from X Files Latest News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (Tiffany Devol - Content Director)

FAULT Magazine has just released two photos from last month's photo shoot with Gillian Anderson and they are breathtaking. To pre-order the magazine for £10.00, head here!

Click the photo to enlarge and click here for another preview photo!

UPDATE: FAULT has now released a third photo. Take the jump to view!

Frank Spotnitz' New Series 'Morton' a GO!

Frank Spotnitz' New Series 'Morton' a GO!

from X Files Latest News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (Tiffany Devol - Content Director)

This JUST IN from Deadline.com, Melissa George will star in Frank Spotnitz' new spy series, Nemesis (formerly known as Morton). After months of waiting and Gillian Anderson having to pull out of the project, fans were concerned if Morton would indeed move forward. According to Deadline the project is a GO with Cinemax just recently coming on board and it looks like the series name will now be called Nemesis. Kudos Film and Television is still producing in association with Big Light.

For the new synopsis, head over to Deadline.com!

As we get more information, we will post! Congrats to Frank Spotnitz!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LAX-Files Auction Round 1

LAX-Files Auction Round 1

from X Files Latest News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (Tiffany Devol - Content Director)

Round 1 of the LAX-Files Auctions to raise funds for the American Cancer Society in honor of Kim Manners ends in just 2 days!

Don't miss this chance to get autographed items donated by various X-Files alumni and be on the lookout for more auctions soon!

In this round you will find an X-Files Official magazine autographed by Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick; an Alien Trespass DVD autographed by Robert Patrick and R.W. Goodwin; an autographed Breaking Bad cast photo; an autographed Pilot Mad Men Script; and an Entertainment Weekly with The Walking Dead on the cover, autographed by Laurie Holden.

To bid, head over to ebay and to check out more items from upcoming auctions, he

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MovieFix Interview with Gillian Anderson

MovieFix Interview with Gillian Anderson

from X Files Latest News by alleyphile@yahoo.com (Avi Quijada - Editor-In-Chief)

Will there be XF3? Where is it? Where's the script? When is it happening? She may not have all the answers, but this is what she has to say.

Click here for the video.

Thanks to our Staff Reporter, Sandi Hicks for the heads up!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Survey Says: X-PHILE

Survey Says: X-PHILE

from X Files Latest News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (Tiffany Devol - Content Director)

According to a report released today by Yahoo! TV and Entertainment Weekly, X-Philes come in at number 4 on the top 10 list of most popular fandoms!

For a series that's been off the air since 2002, that is an amazing accomplishment.

Coming in at number 3 on that list are Trekkies, with Gleeks falling in at number 6. To view the rest of the list and other fun survey results,  head over to Market Watch.

The X-PHILES are out there!

Thanks to Paula on Twitter for the heads up!

#XF3 Twitter Campaign on 9/10!

#XF3 Twitter Campaign on 9/10!

from X Files Latest News by tiffany_devol@xfilesnews.com (The XFN Team)

At XFilesNews we are all about going big or going home and this September is no exception, so when we received a tweet asking if we would consider organizing a twitter onslaught on 20thCenturyFox, how could we possibly turn that down?

Join XFilesNews, the XF3 Army Believe in the Future campaign, and philes WORLDWIDE all day long on September 10th (in each of your timezones) to celebrate 18 years of The X-Files and to convince Fox that we're here and we're not going anywhere. Also, in between tweeting, don't forget to be getting together your photos for the 10,013 Photos for a Greenlight campaign! We will be delivering those photos to Fox in just a few months!

9/10 is just a little over a week away so tell your friends so we don't have to climb in your windows...you get the idea.

More info to come soon but keep Believing in the Future and in the words of Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter,Don't Give Up!