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Amanda Lucas Joins SportsGeeks Daughter of George Lucas

Yes that’s right Amanda is joining SportsGeeks this Sunday at 7pm Central 5pm Pacific to talk about her MMA career and what in store for her future.

If you want to join us make sure you sign up at Blog Talk Radio to participate in the chat room or you can just listen as a guest, we can take a few calls(Call-in Number: (347) 215-7545) if time permits so join us live at SportsGeeks

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bing seals deals with Facebook and Twitter

Woot this rocks go Bing!!!

SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft has sealed agreements to access real-time content on hot social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, a boost for its fledgling Bing search engine. ( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

Bing, which hopes to take on current dominant search leader Google, will have access to Twitter's entire store of public data in real time, Microsoft executives said at a presentation at a San Francisco Internet conference. Bing will become a new way to find out what people are saying in their Twitter messages — also known as "tweets."

Access to the data is considered to be one of Twitter's most prized assets.

According to internet reports, the company will integrate status updates from Twitter and Facebook into Bing.

Microsoft apparently outbid Google for the right to index and display the tweets almost as soon as they are posted.

A Microsoft executive declined to disclosed the financial details of the partnership.

Assuming Microsoft is paying for the indexing rights, it would represent Twitter's first significant revenue since it started in 2006.

Bing seals deals with Facebook and Twitter - Tech and gadgets-

David Duchovny Wants Another X-Files Film By 2012

This is great news! woohooo that would so rock if we get another movie by the x files crew, you know what would be even better if the Lone Gunmen showed up, LOL

Fox Mulder is ready for the coming apocalypse in 2012 — in fact he's so excited, he thinks the occasion deserves another X-Files movies. But really, we need another X-Files to banish the stink of the last one.

In an interview with MTV David Duchovny said he was completely open to a new X-Files movie, in fact he thinks the possible Mayan apocalypse in 2012 almost demands it.

"As far as the X-Files movie I'd like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy," Duchovny said. "I think it's natural for 'The X-Files' to have another movie in 2012, so we'll see if we get to do it."

I'm all for this — we need to end the series on a preferable alien note. Because I still believe that the truth is out there.

David Duchovny Wants Another X-Files Film By 2012 - X-Files - io9

Joe Quesada Says Captain America Will Rock Your Socks Off

Whilst attending his very own question-and-answer panel at a New York City-based convention, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has provided fans with a tease about Marvel’s upcoming feature film, The First Avenger: Captain America.

“I’ve seen a couple of outlines and an initial screenplay, and it’s going to rock everyone’s socks off,” he said. “It’s very unexpected, the kind of movie it is.”

Quesada also confirmed that the film’s story sets up the lead into The Avengers, adding that it does so in “a fantastic way.”

So far all we ...

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FlashForward - Showrunner Departs

“FlashForward” showrunner Marc Guggenheim departed ABC’s sci-fi drama for good Tuesday, sources tell AICN exclusively.
Reasons for the departure remain muddy. Ratings for the sci-fi drama have slid in adults 18-49 from a 4.1 (at its premiere) to a 3.1 for its fourth installment, but ABC just gave the show a “back-nine” order that will keep it on the air long enough to hit the April 29 six-months-hence “flash forward date” central to the series’ mythos.
Evidence suggests network executives were unhappy with the quality of the show's post-pilot storytelling.
Guggenheim, the “Eli Stone” creator whose resume includes stints on “Jack & Bobby,” “In Justice” and ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters,” joined “FlashForward” subsequent to its pilot shoot. (“FlashForward” co-creator Brannon Braga, who co-created and ran “Star Trek: Enterprise” and “Threshold,” is contracted to the now-shooting 2010 season of Fox's “24” and was not available to run “FlashForward” himself.)
We’ve no word on whether “FlashForward” co-creator David Goyer will now serve as sole showrunner, or if someone else will be brought in to take over.

Spoiler TV: FlashForward - Showrunner Departs

How to Watch Tonight's Orionid Meteor Shower

The radiant of the Orionid meteor shower is in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter. You can find it easily overhead in the predawn sky The Orionid meteor shower is expected to put on a good show tonight for viewers across North America, lasting well into the predawn hours Wednesday — weather ...

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Weather Channel to air movies for first time

The Weather Channel plans to show movies for the first time in its 27-year history. First up? "The Perfect Storm." The network has slipped longer programming into its constantly rotating forecasts in recent years. But over a four-week period starting the night before Halloween, the cable ...

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The cast and crew of the internet Star Trek series Star Trek: Phoenix joins us. Our listeners will get the first look at the raw footage from their pilot episode “Cloak and Dagger”. Join us for a special Tuesday evening conversation on Blogtalkradio NDB Media channel.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

European Southern Observatory finds 32 new planets outside Earth's solar system

European astronomers have found 32 new planets outside our solar system, adding evidence to the theory that the universe has many places where life could develop.

Scientists using the European Southern Observatory telescope didn't find any planets quite the size of Earth or any that seemed habitable or even unusual. But their announcement increased the number of planets discovered outside the solar system to more than 400.

Six of the newly found planets are several times bigger than Earth, increasing the population of so-called super-Earths by more than 30 percent. Most planets discovered so far are far bigger, Jupiter-sized or even larger.

Two of the newly discovered planets were as small as five times the size of Earth and one was up to five times larger than Jupiter.

Astronomer Stephane Udry of the University of Geneva said the results support the theory that planet formation is common, especially around the most common types of stars.

"I'm pretty confident that there are Earth-like planets everywhere," Udry said in a Web-based news briefing from a conference in Portugal. "Nature doesn't like a vacuum. If there is space to put a planet there, there will be a planet there."

What astronomers said is especially exciting is that about 40 percent of sun-like stars have planets that are closer to being Earth-sized than the size of Jupiter. Jupiter's mass is more than 300 times that of Earth's.

Depending on definitions of the size of super-Earths, the discovery suggests that planets that have a mass similar to Earth's are "extraordinarily commonplace," said Alan Boss, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution of Washington. He was not part of the European team. "The universe must indeed be crowded with habitable worlds."

Boss said finding 32 planets at once is a record "and it really shows that the Europeans have taken the lead" in finding planets outside the solar system.

The discoveries were made by the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher, which is an attachment to the European observatory telescope in Chile that looks for slight wobbles in a star's movements. Those changes would be made by the tug of a planet's gravity on the star. There are no photos of these planets.

European Southern Observatory finds 32 new planets outside Earth's solar system

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scientists: The World Won't End In 2012

Is 2012 the end of the world?

If you scan the Internet or believe the marketing campaign behind the movie "2012," scheduled for release in November, you might be forgiven for thinking so. Dozens of books and fake science websites are prophesying the arrival of doomsday that year, by means of a rogue planet colliding with the Earth or some other cataclysmic event.
Normally, scientists regard Internet hysteria with nothing more than a raised eyebrow and a shake of the head. But a few scientists have become so concerned at the level of fear they are seeing that they decided not to remain on the sidelines this time.
"Two years ago, I got a question a week about it," said NASA scientist David Morrison, who hosts a website called Ask an Astrobiologist ( )."Now I'm getting a dozen a day. Two teenagers said they didn't want to see the end of the world so they were thinking of ending their lives."
Morrison said he tries to reassure people that their fears are groundless, but has received so many inquiries that he has posted a list of 10 questions and answers on the website of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (
Titled "Doomsday 2012, the Planet Nibiru and Cosmophobia," the article breaks down the sources of the hysteria and assures people that the ancients didn't actually know more about the cosmos than we do.
"The world will not come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012," E.C. Krupp, director of Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory, declared in a statement released Thursday by the observatory and Sky & Telescope magazine. Krupp debunks the 2012 doomsday idea in the cover story of the magazine's November issue.

Morrison said he attributes the excitement to the conflation of several items into one mega-myth. One is the persistent Internet rumor that a planet called Nibiru or Planet X is going to crash into the Earth. Then there's the fact that the Maya calendar ends in 2012, suggesting that the Maya knew something we don't. Finally, end-of-the-worlders have seized upon the hubbub about the 2012 date to proclaim their belief that end times are drawing near.
Morrison, who heads the Lunar Science Institute at the Ames Research Center in Northern California, has coined a term for the phenomenon: "cosmophobia," a fear of the cosmos. According to Morrison, for the most vulnerable among us, all of the things we've learned about the universe in the last century have only increased the number of potential threats to our existence.
Besides fearing a rampaging planet, the worriers think the sun might lash out at the Earth with some calamitous electromagnetic force. They also fear that some sort of alignment between the Earth and the center of our galaxy could unleash catastrophe.
Krupp said that the scare-mongers would have us believe that the "ancient Maya of Mexico and Guatemala kept a calendar that is about to roll up the red carpet of time, swing the solar system into transcendental alignment with the heart of the Milky Way, and turn Earth into a bowling pin for a rogue planet heading down our alley for a strike."
According to Rosemary Joyce, a professor of anthropology at UC Berkeley, the Maya never predicted anything. The 2012 date is approximately when the ancient calendar would roll over, like the odometer on a car; it did not mean the end - merely the start of a new cycle.
Some authors have tried to merge that idea, Joyce said, with Maya mythology that said the Earth had gone through multiple ages of creation, each ending in a disaster. "But there's no prediction," she said. "They did not predict the end of the world."
Morrison says it's hard to know whether the people who have written to him with their fears represent a fringe or a larger cross-section of Americans who, distrustful of traditional sources of information and the authorities behind them, are falling victim to the Internet's snake-oil salesmen.
In such an environment, the viral marketing campaign for the movie "2012," which encourages people to "Vote for the Leader of the Post-2012 World," can seem like confirmation of the apocalypse, rather than of an upcoming 90-minute entertainment vehicle.
A spokesman for Sony Pictures, Steve Elzer, said: "We believe consumers understand that the advertising is promoting a fictional film."
Morrison said the movie's distributors are feeding the "panic" by creating some of the fake science websites. Most of the sites, Morrison said, are full of misinformation and speculation, often by people who have written books they are trying to sell.
Morrison said he could not address the motives of people who were feeding the alarm, but added: "It's wrong to tell lies to frighten people merely to make a buck."
What most worries him is the level of alarm in some of the most recent messages.
"I'm getting more and more questions from people who are upset and scared," he said. Some people say their children are refusing to eat.
In the publication Morrison has posted online, he says that astronomers would long ago have spotted a rogue planet headed for Earth, that the so-called photos of Nibiru on the Internet are fictitious, and that just because the Maya calendar in question ends in 2012, it doesn't mean the Maya were predicting the end of the world.
"The calendar on my desk ends on December 31, 2009. I do not interpret that to mean the world is going to end that day."

Free Internet Press :: Scientists: The World Won't End In 2012 :: Uncensored News For Real People

Friday, October 16, 2009

Orson Welles' Martians finally land--in a Colorado attic

OMG, this looks like Mulder’s picture on his wall at the FBI, hahaha, X Files-The Truth is Out There

Two years ago we asked the question: Could the mass hysteria of the 1938 "War of the Worlds" scandal, in which a Halloween radio drama orchestrated by actor Orson Welles was mistaken for a real announcement of Martians landing in New Jersey, still take place in the Information Age?

The answer: Yes, it could. And it happened this week.

Like millions of Americans, you were probably glued to your computer watching some news outlet's live video stream or hitting refresh on Twitter for updates on "Balloon Boy," the twisted saga of a 6-year-old Colorado boy who had allegedly floated away in a flying-saucer-shaped hot-air balloon that his parents had built. Was he alive? Had the helium suffocated him? Had he, heaven forbid, fallen out of the balloon?

And the media flipped out.

"This Is Wrong: A Six Year Old Child Could Die On Live Television," industry blog Mediaite warned. Keywords related to the missing kid started to dominate Twitter's trending topics. More details started to pour in: the boy was revealed to be Falcon Heene of Fort Collins, Colo., whose parents were avid storm-chasers and whose family had appeared on reality show "Wife Swap." Audiences grew captivated as the whole situation became weirder and weirder.

Thankfully, "Balloon Boy" was safe. But rather than being dramatically rescued from a flying saucer in an uplifting ending worthy of the "Miracle on the Hudson," it turned out that he'd been in a box in his parents' attic the entire time: and then the really weird details began to emerge. The family quickly hopped aboard the TV news circuit, and not only did little Falcon blithely say "we did it for the show" on "Larry King Live," he proceeded to puke on two network morning shows. Later in the day, the Business Insider floated a claim that a former video intern for the boy's father, Richard Heene, was attempting to sell evidence that the entire affair was fabricated for a TV show. (This has not been proven whatsoever.)

It's annoying. It's annoying that the whole thing could have been an attention-grabbing stunt. It's even more annoying that hours of workplace productivity were slurped down the drain by streaming-video footage of a wacky silver balloon that didn't actually have a traumatized 6-year-old on board like we all thought it did. Likewise, it was probably pretty darn frustrating back in 1938 when scores of Americans realized that they'd mistaken a "War of the Worlds"-themed radio drama for a real emergency broadcast--especially for the people in the New York and Philadelphia metro areas who reportedly fled their homes in panic. (Try to explain that one to the neighbors.)

But maybe this cloud (balloon?) has a silver (tinfoil?) lining. Much has been made recently of the death of "watercooler" media: the TV show everyone is watching, the news story everyone is following, the topic that the whole world seemingly can't stop talking about. The Internet's ability to slice and dice culture into niches and easy-to-follow subcultures was supposed to more or less destroy that. Yet we had another "War of the Worlds": something weird and bizarre that made us all completely freak out like spooked chickens.

For better or for worse, just about everyone on Thursday was talking about "Balloon Boy." They were worried about him. They were incessantly searching Google News for any kind of update. They were cracking snarky jokes and wondering if it was "too soon." They were biting their nails when a photograph started to circulate that seemed to show an object falling from the silver saucer balloon. They were relieved when "Balloon Boy" was found safe. And they were angrily cursing themselves and the national news media when it became clear that the whole thing could have been fabricated. This was the news story that disproved our cynicism over the viability of true, mass-media phenomena in the Digital Age. In fact, it was the tools of the Web--streaming video, Twitter, news aggregators--that made "Balloon Boy" into the sensation that he became.

And honestly? If we have to look like gullible idiots, we might as well all be in it together.

Orson Welles' Martians finally land--in a Colorado attic | The Social - CNET News

Duchovny Discusses 'Californication, More 'X-Files'

A handful of revelations pop up in an interview David Duchovny did recently with The Daily Beast. Among them: the future of the X-Files film franchise, how long he'd like to keep doing Californication, and where the similarities with Hank Moody begin and end.
Duchovny's portrayal of misanthropic, sex-addled novelist Hank Moody is largely informed by his own time as a Yale doctoral student in his 20s, TDB writes.
"I envisioned that as my life: staying in academia to make a living and then taking summers off to write my novels," Duchovny says. "I understand the self-loathing and the resentment, and the discipline that it takes to sit down in front of a typewriter or computer every single day, whether it's going well or not going well...I didn't need to research how to be a professor (for Californication's third season) because I'd already been a teaching assistant when I was pursuing my Ph.D.; it was a very clear memory."
"The key to Hank Moody, certainly for me in acting him, is that he's one of those guys who don't give a f***, just like Larry David's character, which is a wish-fulfillment fantasy for all of us."
The actor predicts that he will play Hank Moody for another two to three years. "One of the great things about doing cable is that going past seven years is not part of the network's financial model, so I'm not afraid we’ll go too long," Duchovny says.
On The X-Files, Duchovny notes: "A show or movie with the staying power of The X-Files happens so rarely, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for an actor, and a certain residue accrues to a person when they are involved in something like that. There was a prejudice within the Hollywood community where they didn't know I could do anything else. I understand the residue and I don't resent it, but certainly I am happy to have created another character that's so different, in a different genre, and I would love to keep doing that."
Still -- and despite the pummeling last year's The X-Files: I Want to Believe took -- Duchovny looks forward to filming a third X-Files film in the near future. "As far as the X-Files movie I'd like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it's natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we'll see if we get to do it," Duchovny told TDB.
Finally, regarding his highly publicized bout with sex addiction, Duchovny tells TDB he is not a Method actor and his off-camera struggles do not affect his performance: "I understand why people ask that question, but there is never a personal-life connection between my characters and myself. I'm a professional and I can access what I need to access, so there's no bleed-over. I didn’t need to believe in aliens to play Mulder. As for my personal life, everything is fantastic right now."
Full story:

Duchovny Discusses 'Californication, More 'X-Files' at

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

‘Stargate Universe’ Gets Massive Week 2 Audience Gain

Stargate Universe

As a testimony to the quality of its premiere, Syfy’s Stargate Universe received a massive 22% audience gain, hitting 2.4 million viewers when the final part of its 3-part premiere story ‘Air’ was shown last Friday.

“Stargate Universe grew in its second week, with a massive 22 percent gain in Adults 18-49, 13 percent in adults 25-54, and about 2.4 million total viewers,” Senior VP of Syfy Craig Engler said.

“I can’t emphasize ...

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ian McKellen Hasn’t Seen the ‘X-Men Origins: Magneto’ Script

McKellens part in X-Men Origins: Magneto will be small at best

Ian McKellen's part in X-Men Origins: Magneto will be small at best

Six months ago X-Men Origins: Wolverine producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed Fox had a “great script” for X-Men Origins: Magneto.

The script comes from David S. Goyer, known for his work on ...

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Will a Millennium movie happen without Chris Carter? | SCI FI Wire


Will a \<i\>Millennium\<\/i\> movie happen without Chris Carter?

Lance Henriksen, the veteran sci-fi character actor perhaps best known for playing former FBI profiler Frank Black in the '90s TV series Millennium, has been talking about a feature-film follow-up/sequel for years and has reportedly been approached by investors interested in mounting an independent production, though Fox owns the rights.

Now comes news, via ScreenRant, that Fox itself may be considering a new independent movie based on the Chris-Carter-created show, with Henriksen but without Carter (who also created The X-Files and co-wrote and directed last year's flop The X-Files: I Want to Believe).

Will a \<i\>Millennium\<\/i\> movie happen without Chris Carter?

Lance Henriksen as Frank Black

I have heard rumblings that Fox are interested in bringing Millennium back to screens—possibly without the involvement of Chris Carter—and this independent route would seem like a way of doing so. It's also believed that the studio intends to make another X-Files film, and again it's possible that Carter won't be involved ... .

Now, be aware that this is speculation, but also something that I have heard through the grapevine, so there might be some truth to it.

Fans recall that the show, which aired on Fox 1996-'99, centered on Black, a former FBI investigator with a history of mental issues, who is recruited by the mysterious Millennium Group, a private group of former law-enforcement personnel who investigate crimes of the supernatural but whose true agenda remained murky and had something to do with the coming millennial year (2000, though the actual new millennium kicked off in 2001).

The show had a rocky creative history, owing to changing executive producers (Carter, then former X-Files writers Glen Morgan and James Wong, then Carter again), network interference and a rambling and at times incoherent mythology. The show was canceled before it could wrap up; a 1999 episode of The X-Files, titled "Millennium," brought back Henriksen as Black to put a coda on the Millennium TV series.

ScreenRant suggests that a new independent Millennium movie would be spearheaded by filmmaker Brett A. Hart, who directed Henriksen in the indie feature Bone Dry:

I spoke with Hart who had this to say about the project:

"As a tremendous admirer of "The Millennium Series" I'm of course very intrigued by the recent rumors that there may indeed be a full length feature on the horizon. If any one can get "Millennium" made it's Lance, and it's been a long time coming. It's time to give the fans what they've been patiently waiting to see... More insight into the aberrant world of Frank Black ... while further elevating and merging storylines, characterization and visuals... and finally closure for one of the finest series ever created. Let's hope as the title sequence suggest "The Time is near" ... and as I've already publicly stated ... my passion and conviction for the series is so deep that I'd direct "Millennium—The Movie" for free just to see it on the big screen."

Not sure how a movie would work: The millennial changeover has come and gone, and basing a film on that would be kind of like calling a movie "Y2K." But Henriksen remains a great screen presence, and it would be nice to see him glowering as Frank Black one last time.

Will a Millennium movie happen without Chris Carter? | SCI FI Wire

Monday, October 12, 2009

Raimi Confirms Robert Rodat Writing ‘Warcraft’ Film

World of Warcraft

Back in July we learned that Sam Raimi had signed on to direct Warcraft, a live-action feature film based on the game World of Warcraft.

The Spider-Man director has now confirmed that he’s snared Saving Private Ryan writer Robert Rodat to pen the screenplay.

Raimi also expanded on what fans can expect from the film, adding that Rodat’s job will be to create an original story that ...

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ABC Announces a Full Season For ‘Flash Forward’

This is great news,  Cannot wait to see the rest of the season, keep up the great work Flash Forward!!

Flash Forward gets a full season

Flash Forward gets a full season

ABC has given the green-light to a full season of Flash Forward, announcing the go-ahead for nine more episodes.

Though the viewer numbers on Flash Forward have dropped a little since its premiere, Flash Forward is still rating strong and is the no. 1 series on a night filled with some tough competition.

New DVR stats showed the ...

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Roland Emmerich Talks ‘Independence Day 2′

This is great news, I would so love it if there would be a part 2 with a bigger invasion!!! wooohoo!!

Independence Day

Thirteen years ago Roland Emmerich smashed the box office with his alien invasion and world destroying disaster flick Independence Day. The film gathered $811M worldwide and took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects amongst dozens of other awards.  Naturally, everyone expected a sequel.

Now details have emerged that offer a hint at why a sequel hasn’t happened yet and, just as interesting, that one may still happen.

In a recent interview with ...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nimoy in Discussions to Appear in More ‘Fringe’ Episodes

Leonard Nimoy in Fringe S02E04 Momentum Deferred

Leonard Nimoy in Fringe S02E04 'Momentum Deferred'

78 year old Leonard Nimoy, who is most well known for his role as Spock in Star Trek, plays William Bell in Fringe, the founder of a mysterious corporation called Massive Dynamic.

At the end of Fringe season one we learned that Bell has an office in the still standing World Trade Center of an alternate reality but we don’t yet know if he’s ...

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Monday, October 5, 2009

'Californication' renewed for a fourth season

You're going to see more of David Duchovny as Hank Moody.

Showtime announced today that it has renewed the provocative comedy "Californication" for a fourth season of 12 episodes.

The fourth season will start next year. This season, Hank has started teaching at a university.

The premium channel noted that the season premiere last week was up 57 percent from the previous season premiere. The show has bolstered the career of "X-Files" star Duchovny, who won a Golden Globe for playing randy Hank.

What do you think of this renewal?

Orlando Sentinel - 'Californication' renewed for a fourth season by Hal Boedeker

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have to say that this is one of my most favorite anime ever, I will always watch Robotech and continue to love the show. I hope a live action movie is coming soon I am sure Robotech fans would love that!! go Robotech!


Harmony Gold, in association with Fireworks International and Manga Entertianment UK, are pleased to announce that Robotech the series and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles are now available for as a free on streaming sites such as and YouTube.
Manga Entertainment UK and Harmony Gold have uploaded all Macross Saga episodes to Hulu and YouTube, and Robotech Masters episodes to YouTube! Fans across North America and the United Kingdom can now watch these groundbreaking series directly on their computer legally at no cost!
For Robotech: The Macross Saga on YouTube, click here
For Robotech: The Masters on YouTube, click here
For Robotech: The Macross Saga on Hulu, click here
In addition to, Fireworks International and Harmony Gold have now released the award-winning animated feature film on YouTube. Fans from across the United States can now watch the animated feature for free at any time on both platforms! The film is currently the number one animated feature film on
To watch The Shadow Chronicles on YouTube, click here
To watch The Shadow Chronicles on Hulu, click here
Robotech and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles are also available through iTunes, Xbox Live, Amazon, and Direct2Drive, along with Sony's Playstation Network Store.
You can find out how to download these items to your media device by clicking here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Walton Goggins Cast in ‘Predators’?

Walter Goggins cast in 'Predators'

Walter Goggins cast in 'Predators'

Walter Goggins (The Bourne Identity / Shanghai Noon / House of 1000 Corpses) has been cast in director Nimrod Antal’s Predators, according to a report on Coming Soon.

Though Goggins has appeared in a number of movies, he is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Detective Shane Vendrell in 89 episodes of The Shield.

No details have been announced regarding his role in Predators, ...

This is cool I hope he does a great job, he did a great job in The Shield….

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Friday, October 2, 2009

152 Images From ‘Stargate Universe’ S01E01 & S01E02 ‘Air’

Stargate Universe

88 images from Stargate Universe S01E01 ‘Air’ have been posted on the official Stargate Universe website. Check them out here.

A further 64 images have been posted from S01E02 ‘Air’. Check them out here.

Stargate Universe premieres October 2, 2009 on Syfy.

View article...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

‘Day One’ Series Canceled, Now a Mini-Series Instead

David Lyons hears about NBCs decision in Day One

David Lyons hears about NBC's decision to cut back on 'Day One'

NBC has canceled plans, at least for the moment, to produce a 13-episode season of its new sci-fi thriller Day One.

The network is now planning to convert Day One into a four-hour mini-series event that will probably be aired as two separate 2-hour movies.

I’m saddened to hear this news as I truly believe ...

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